GSG Opens First US Office In Atlanta

Global Savings Group, a privately-held international PubTech platform for Commerce Content, opens up its new office in the US, thereby offering full attention to new and established US clients.

In recent years, Global Savings Group has grown considerably, and managed to earn sizeable profits in the year 2016 and 2017. To make GSG’s service available to more media houses across the world, significant investment has been made into establishing offices around the world. In the past, this has helped Global Savings Group increase its clientele, and build strong relationships with foreign partners.


At the beginning of 2019, the Global Savings Group (GSG) opened its new office in the United States of America, situated in Atlanta, Georgia. This is GSG’s very first office in the United States. Other countries where Global Savings Group has been operating, apart from its head office in Germany, include Spain, Brazil, France, Malaysia, Netherlands or the UK.


The Global Savings Group’s office is established in a spacious location with the necessary infrastructure. Initially, the company will be sharing office space with Atlanta Tech Village (an incubator/start-up company), and plans to establish a separate office in the future.


Atlanta Tech Village is the most suitable space for GSG’s new office. As a start-up, it has the necessary environment for encouraging new GSG employees to take the initiative, and make worthwhile contributions to the company and their career growth.


The convenient location of the office will also help in attracting talented and keen individuals who are prepared to join this industry. At present, multiple job openings have been posted on GSG’s main website. The target before the end of the year is to hire mare than 25 employees as a part of the GSG family.


Johannes Wirth, CRO at the Global Savings Group: “GSG is glad to have an office close to their US clients and publishing partners. A stronger relationship with US partners is also likely due to the marginal time zone difference between the US office, and the head office in Munich.”


Andreas Fruth, Managing Director at the Global Savings Group adds the following about this new venture: “The US is a huge and exciting market. We are happy to take on this new opportunity with the GSG. ”


The first major US client for Global Savings Group is the renowned “Business Insider” – details can be found on Bloomberg’s website – which has entrusted the company to deliver a considerable increase in readers, and digital sales in the years to come.

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