The Global Savings Group (GSG), a PubTech platform for commerce content currently operating more than 100 digital assets in collaboration with some of the world’s leading media publishers, has cemented a year of growth with the launch of a new group website.

Global Savings Group’s solutions give publishers a new revenue stream, helping them to monetize their existing readership by providing product recommendations, information, deals and discounts to millions of consumers. This model has seen it go from strength to strength this year with numerous accolades and industry recognition from the likes of LinkedIn, Deloitte and the FT in the last 12 months. Consolidating these advances, GSG has now unveiled a new look Group website.

“The new online home for Global Savings Group better reflects all of the developments we have made to our service offering and product portfolio,” comments Andreas Fruth, Managing Director and Co-Founder of The Global Savings Group. “Having grown so much, and received so much recognition by industry leaders and media publications, we felt now was the right time to give the site a complete strategic and visual overhaul. The new online home of Global Savings Group is now closely aligned with our progress and better explains our services to partners, whether they are publishers or advertising.”

The responsive, modern new site showcases fresh new branding and an improved digital profile which better reflects GSG’s status as one of the world’s fastest growing and most innovative start-ups with a six year track record that combines the agile, pioneering start-up with the professional capability and service delivery of an established, world-class small and medium enterprise. Visitors to will now be met with a contemporary presentation, with corer service information, notes from founders and testimonials and comments from premium partners including the national UK newspaper, The Daily Mail and the Spanish daily, El Pais. “This design, unveiled earlier this month, is testament to how far we have come in the last 18 months,” adds Fruth. “I am delighted with how well our Group online home now conveys our brand, service offerings and scale.”

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About Global Savings Group

Global Savings Group is a PubTech platform for Commerce Content operating 100+ digital assets with the world’s leading publishers, helping them to monetize by delivering inspirations, recommendations, deals and discounts to consumers. By assisting millions of consumers to make smarter shopping decisions, GSG enables advertisers to reach high-intent users at scale in 20+ markets around the world.

Founded in 2012 GSG’s fast growing team of 400+ of tech enthusiasts, online marketers, account managers and editors today funnels more than 1.5 million purchases every month. By aggregating the editorial curation and distribution of Commerce Content on one unique technology stack, GSG is transforming the way consumers buy, brands sell, and digital publishers earn – one transaction at a time.

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